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If you have a serger, finish off all your seams, by serging down each one. Create a casing for the neck. Serge all the way around the entire neck area to finish of the edge and prepare for the neck casing: You will be stringing elastic through the neck casing with a safety pin.

So, before you iron the fabric over to create the casing, lay the pin on top as a guideline, to make sure you make the casing big enough for the safety pin to get through otherwise this will become a very frustrating project Create the neck casing by ironing over: Pin the neck all the way around, making sure when you sew it down that you leave an opening for the elastic to go in and to come out.

To help me remember this, I do double-pins at the beginning and end as Start and Stop points. Start at the first double pins and sew all the way around the neck line and end at the other double pins: Just FYI, you will be sewing the top front of the dress closed by doing this so that the dress does not open all the way in front with the buttons.

The dress front is more of a facade: Sew the sleeves and dress sides. Serge the edges of both sleeves: With right sides of the dress front and back together, pin the dress together on both sides, from the end of each sleeve all the way down the sides of the dress: Start at the end of the sleeve and sew all the way down, curving and turning at the armpit area and continuing down the side of the dress: Serge and finish off your seams and iron out your side seams. It took me years to realize that you clothes will look FAR more professional if you iron all your seams and hems well 7.

Create the sleeve casing. Iron each sleeve cuff over using your safety pin as a measurement guideline. Pin down the sleeve casing, leaving an opening for the elastic to be strung through, and mark the Start and Stop points with double pins: Start with the first double pins and sew all the way around to the second set of double pins: Create a waistband optional but adds fun spice to the dress.

Taking one of the rectangles, pin both sides together, lengthwise: Repeat this step with the other rectangle too: Stuff the pin down into the fabric tube: Till it comes out the other end: Do this to both waist band pieces and iron them flat: Lay them on top of each other and on top of the dress, in the position you want them in: Using a pen, draw a diagonal line down each side of the waist band as a guideline, so the band will fit exactly on top of the dress: Using the drawn guidelines, sew the two waist band pieces together sewing right on top of that line and cut off the excess seam no serging is needed here: Turn the entire band right-side out and pull it over the dress and into position on the dress with one part the band on the dress front and one part on the dress back: This is not the easiest step, but slip your hand under the dress and carefully pin the band down, all the way around the dress, marking Start and Stop points for the the elastic to be strung through: Your dress should look something like this: First sew one side of the band down again, leaving a small opening for elastic to go through: Then sew the other side of the band: Your waist band should look something like this: Lengths will vary, depending on the measurements of your child.

The measurements I used are this: I double-pin, to avoid the skinny elastic ripping free half-way through the project: We will start with the waistband, pulling elastic through the two outer casings there will not be elastic in the middle casing. Push the pin through the opening: And pin the other end of the elastic to the end of the opening: Push the safety pin and elastic all the way around the dress, till it comes out the other end.

It can be hard to push through the seams and button front but wiggle and push the pin till it continues through: Repeat this step with the other waist band casing: Pull both elastic pieces together: And sew them together using a zig-zag stitch for strength: Then finish off your casings by stretching the fabric straight and sewing all the waist band casings closed: In the same manner, string the elastic through the sleeve and the neck casings.

Sew the elastic closed with a zigzag stitch: Pull the fabric straight and sew another line across the top of the label sewing over the elastic inside to keep the elastic and fabric from gathering in this part and warping the label: Try the dress on your little one and find a desired dress length. I prefer chunky 1 or 2 inch hems, so allow accordingly for the fabric to be folded over and ironed before cutting the length.

Starting at one end of the button front, serge all the way around the bottom of the dress do NOT serge the dress closed. Leaving the bottom portion open makes it easier for playtime. Pin down your hem and sew all the way around: Sew off the small side opening near the button front: I also prefer a double-stitch hem looks more professional. So I use my machine foot as a guideline, putting the first line right next to the number 1 below. I then sew a second hemline all the way around: So it looks something like this: Iron your hem down one more time it will look more professional: Enjoy the summer breeze in your playful creation: I cannot see why if the shirt is large enought, turn the shirt up side down, lay the pattern peice on the shirt and the dress will be button up the right way.

I love this dress! The directions are super easy to follow also. Hi Dana, Did you give permission for your photo to be used on this blog — http: Or a suggestion on how to figure it out for myself… Thank you for any tips or pointers! I love this tutorial! This tutorial is what brought me to your site over 8 months ago. Any suggestions on how I could make this work?

Best wishes to you and baby! Thanks and best regards. That would be fantastic and a great help! Many thanks in advance and best regards. Hey, I was able to put your pattern onto transparency and trace it bigger. I found this via Pinterest, and was so excited to try it! I showed my husband, and he immediately pulled out 5 or 6 old shirts for me to use.

I have done it twice now, and my little girls loves them both. The first one I put some decorate fabric flowers on, and the second, I did a silky sash that ties in the back. Thank you for this wonderful re-purposing tutorial! My husband just threw out an old flannel shirt in great shape. Is there an easy way to make this as a long-sleeve dress for the winter? Such a great idea! I have linked to this post and your blog as a source of inspiration.

Dana, thank you so much for such wonderful tutorials! I just finished my first one of these shirt dresses. But I love it and she loves it. You make it so easy for someone who has never sewn clothes before to make beautiful things.

I linked back to your tutorial in my post too. I love your blog and tutorials! Thank you so much for sharing. I have made my little one two dresses, two pairs of capris, and so many diaper covers.

Is there any way you could translate this pattern to be used to make an adult- sized dress? I just finished my second shirt dress using this tutorial. It was SO easy to follow and the dresses came out beautifully! The last dress I made was a size 8, to fit my niece who is almost 8 years old! To add some length to the dress, I used the same method that you used for the waistband.

Thank you so much! Thank you for the instructions. These are so cute! Thanks again for sharing. I finally buckled down and MADE this! Thanks for sharing a great tutorial! Complimenti il tuo tutorial è fantastico e la tua idea di riciclare le vecchie camicie lo è ancora di più!!!

Thank you for this wonderful idea and the very detailed instructions! I made a dress for my 7 year old girl this spring and finally got some pictures. This one is special because I made it from the very shirt that her daddy wore when we got married, seven years ago! It has been hanging in his closet and now has new life: He just passed away two weeks ago and she loves dresses, this one would be really special for her.

Thank you for sharing your talent with others. Hi I am a beginner at sewing and I really like this dress for my granddaughter but I think I missed a step somewhere. Why would I have to cut two retangle pieces for the band if you already cut one 19 inches? Remember I am a beginner, I know very little about sewing thanks for your help. The waist band seems to be confusing me? Why would I need two rectangles should there be something about sewing them together at least once?


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