Clothing/Fashion sense While what you wear isn’t going to make up your entire impression, it does make up over 80% of your first impression. What you wear is what will kick-start the impression you make on others before you even open your mouth.

His partnerships with brands such as Rolex also influence his luxe, modern look. You want to go out there and step it up to make sure you look as good as the Cam Newtons and Odell Beckhams of the world because they go out there and they have custom pieces every week. I make sure the way I look on the field is the same way I look off the field as well.

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A lot of the people think that what I do is just help people upgrade their outer appearance. When we do find out through an outside source usually to our disgust , whether through a close friend or relative, it seems far from the ideal vision that we have of ourselves.

For example, meet John Smith. I love learning and analyzing this stuff, and while obsessively doing so I try to share what I learn because I love helping people more than anything else.

I firmly believe that every man has the capability to be charismatic — being the type of guy that everyone loves and is drawn towards. For example, if you were introduced to a room full of people as being someone who won a Nobel prize for finding the cure to cancer, and someone who has brought a tremendous amount of medical aid to multiple third world countries, people will trust you more and whatever words you say to them will carry more credibility.

Then whatever information is consistent with their perception of you will get added to their current picture, whatever is not, will be changed or removed. What you wear is what will kick-start the impression you make on others before you even open your mouth.

This is the place from which people will filter everything you say and do. This is what we teach inside our Kinowear Bible course. For example, picture a man in a well-fitted suit telling you that he runs a multi-national corporation and makes billions of dollars. Then, picture a man in an ill-fitting, dirty outfit telling you the same thing. Which would you believe more?

Your grooming is part of your outer image that people will judge most of the time subconsciously to see how well you care for yourself. People tend to associate how well-groomed you are to the level of self-respect you have. Not only does the other man look more important and social, but he carries with him an image of more confidence and power.

We look at women the same way, when we compare a woman with straight silky hair against the woman with nappy hair that looks in need of a good conditioner and wash. Our brains are wired to make sense of everything around us through our senses, to calculate whether things are healthy or unhealthy, advantageous or harmful, etc. The messages we get across to other people has very little to do with the words that we use.

Standing around nursing a beer in your hand, and trying to look cool? Or goofing around, dancing like these guys, not caring what anyone thinks? Besides body language , the tone, pitch, and volume we use in our voice is all part of non-verbal communication that is really at the heart of the words we use. A person with a naturally loud voice can appear insensitive and domineering.

There may also be insecurity issues at play, where the speakers feels they need to speak loudly to be listened to. A naturally soft-spoken person may be thought to be shy and insecure. They may think that what they have to say is not worth hearing — or at least this is the message that is getting across to others. I found some funny clips of the show 30 Rock on the internet, which seems like a pretty funny show.

Alec Baldwin does some great acting here of different voices and tones. The way we live is all dependent on our values. If we value adventure, we may enjoy activities that involve a level of risk and fear such as skydiving, bungee jumping, or riding a roller coaster. On the other hand, if we value security, we may be reluctant to do such activities. No matter what you say, do, or try to orchestrate, something, somewhere, will reveal the truth. Even through a tiny action regarding an insignificant thing, such as you holding the door for someone or the way you treat a baby, can tell someone more about you than a whole written autobiography can.

Red, yellow, and blue are the primary colors which get mixed in different ways to create secondary colors. Secondary colors generate when primary colors get mixed and tertiary colors come into existence on the combination of secondary colors. The colors derived from blue hue fall in the category of cool colors and they include light and soothing colors like violet, green, and pink. On the other hand, warm colors emerge from red and yellow tones.

I am fond of monochromatic color mixing because of the outstanding outcomes. Monochromatic color mixing involves the mixing of two colors from the same family of hues. Three to four degrees of saturation difference is necessary to make the perfect match. Blacker, whiter, and grayer versions of the same colors are used for this purpose. For example, wearing a light blue shirt and a dark blue skirt is the perfect example of monochromatic color matching. So, ladies our next type is analogous color composition and I need a color wheel to help me.

Keep in mind that one color should be dominant while the other two should serve as supporting colors. Complementary color composition is the most exuberant way of color mixing. It is shocking yet you will find yourself drawn to it due to the appealing contrast it creates. The name of this category hints that these colors need to complete each other. Choose colors directly across from each other on the color wheel to make vibrant yet enticing combinations.

These draw the eye and give you liberty to match accessories from different colors families. You could achieve a dramatic complementary color look by starting with orange and identifying that blue is its complement. This is a super fun way to create outfits. Split color mixing brings innovative results. It is generally known as the most flattering color combination.

In this technique, first you need to pick a base color from the color wheel. Second pick the color directly adjacent, e. These are ideal for those who enjoy bold choices. I suggest plus-sized women opt for split colors because they give clothing a beautiful shaping effect and add personality.

Triadic color combination is the pairing of three colors which are equidistant from each other. I opt for this strategy when I need to decide colors for my multi-colored outfits and floral patterns. One color always remains dominant while the other two act as supporting colors.

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