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This faux leather sleeves varsity jacket will keep you snug through crisp days with effortless cool. Sea green faux leather sleeves and half-white wool body of this varsity jacket is a superb combination.

The seams in the pockets were very poor making them useless. It must be your responsibility to know what works for you. Then you can start customizig jacket in your own way. Can barely snap the cuffs, cuffs then are so thick they hardly fit in my gloves.

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Double up your style quotient this season with this custom varsity jacket with genuine leather sleeves. Complete with a genuine body made of the finest quality of Melton wool and quilted inner lining inside, this varsity jacket with leather sleeves is the thing to own for your class graduation group.
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21 Leather-Sleeve Coats For Every Budget A good option if you can't decide between a camel coat or a leather jacket this season. 4. Burberry Studded Leather Sleeve Trench Coat, $
The main style features of Quinn's jacket are: • Wool Body in Bright Kelly (you choose color) • Leather Sleeves in White (you choose color) • Sport Collar with White Leather Undercollar (you choose undercollar color).
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Find and save ideas about Leather sleeves on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Shorts in winter, Black leather vest and Minifalda estilo moderno. Find and save ideas about Leather sleeves on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Shorts in winter, Black leather vest and Minifalda estilo moderno.

I would recommend to anyone. Great jacket, but tight around the neck. I wear a 48R jacket, but have an This jacket in XL fits perfectly around the shoulders and chest, allowing plenty of freedom of movement. My only problem was the velcro closure at the Mandarin collar. I was unable to get the velco closure to stick. If the velcro patch were just an inch longer, there would have been no issues.

Snap closure at wrists were nice, and allow tucking into gloves. They are only sized for a pack of smokes and a lighter. Cons velcro at neck needs to be longer to allow going around an 18" or larger neck. Pros Protected from weld splatter and allow you to be as cool as u can get.

But if your a welder its gonna get hot. Very well made product. Item was a gift that arrived in time for Christmas. I would recommend this company to my friends and family. Thanks for exceeding my expectations!

Arms are stiff i expected it to be a little stiff and loosen up but no go, quite disappointed in how much i spent on it compared to other jackets that were half the price arms fold in bad ways all bunched up hard to move around. Not sure if I bought the right jacket or if I'm using this for the wrong duty. Bear in mind, I've used this for one 1 month now. As others in the reviews have said, it is easy to get burned with this jacket.

The way the jacket was designed is kind of flawed, numerous spots not covered by leather that should have been and over-all sizing of individual parts of the jacket. I bought the leather bib for the jacket at the outset, I have not used the jacket without it for even a moment.

NONE, and I mean none of the snaps on the bib line up with the jacket. Its all rippled and leaves gaps for sparks and generally looks like crap. I bought the cotton bib as well at the same time, as a spare, and all the snaps on that are male side, so it can't work on the jackets male snaps. I call this the 'Spark Funnel' because of the way it seems to just dump hot metal down your neck line. One of the other reviewers mentioned that the neck was to small for him, he was right.

The barracuda style was meant well, but it wont close or stay upright. The velcro at the throat is too small and doesn't grab, and the back of the collar folds down to the outside instead of in. Everything that goes up must come down, and sparks seem to just find your neck every time.

The wrists are too tight at the snap closed position and too big unsnapped for me. Its not the end of the world, but its one more thing. Another reviewer said that the stomach of the jacket is huge, it is. I wear a speedglas respirator for work and the belt bunches all the jacket at the sides and tends to get wedge tight after 10 hours at work. After 12 hours, I'm ready to take the thing off. There are large burn holes in the lower front of the jacket with all the sparks finding their way inside from the center and left breast gap and its very clear where my belt is positioned.

Also the slash pockets in the front are completely useless, its nice to have pen pockets on your sleeves and a lot of the stitching has come out of the left breast where the bib snaps in. Miller really should have invested in double or triple stitching in all the load bearing areas of the jacket. I'll have to repair mine soon, I'm not buying another one of these.

I have huge holes in the cotton at the bicep area. The way the leather of the sleeve folds, dumps all the burning metal right into the cotton and just burns the crap out of your arm as the sparks fall down your bicep. The center of the jacket where it snaps closed and the bib snaps onto, leaves a hole about two inches for sparks to come right though and the cotton is torched there to point of letting the snap tear out.

Don't get me wrong, the leather is top notch, I haven't had anything come through and there have been several bad ones just sitting on top burning. It'll let you know something is there. I really like how the shoulders and upper back of the jacket are covered with leather as well as the upper half of the chest.

There are big burn marks in the front and shoulders where the jacket has protected me against some really bad chunks of hot metal, but none are so bad they have injured the leather. I have give Miller props on the choice of the grade of leather, and the choice of top hide instead of split leather. I can wipe this jacket down with a damp cloth and make the leather look half-way shiny again where the other guys wearing the tillman coats can't, and they just keep getting dirtier.

Like, to the point of not wanting to put it in your car after work Holds up to really hot metal. Cons poor sizing at neck, wrists, stomach bib snaps don't line up leather ends in bad places and cotton takes severe beating to near complete failure not so great for overhead, dumps sparks onto your arms and neck.

Got a 2xl but it has a medium neck. The buttons on the sleeves are on two sides of the seam in the leather so it bunches the leather and pushes on your wrist. Cons cotton burned through from grinding, smelled something burning looked down and saw grinding sparks burning into the jacket.

I order what the size chart says, but a little to tight. I like some room, A little to heavy for me. This is a great jacket for general welding applications, free moving and comfortable all around. Cons The bid accessories have one flaw, when attached it will kind of flop around and tends to get in the way when reaching down from A standing positn. This jacket is perfect for the welder who wants to be protected yet be able to move and breath at the same time!

If you have ever had your clothes catch on fire while welding or cutting with a torch, you will appreciate this product. The sleeves are well made from fire retardant material. The body of the jacket is also well made. Would recommend it if you weld even a little. Well worth the money. I weld every day and I can tell you that this jacket is complete b. I used this laughable piece of welding gear a total of four times. The snaps, and I mean all of the snaps have ripped through the cotton. It is totally useless at this point.

The leather is complete crap, if you could call it leather. Do not buy this gimmick!!!!! I don't think so!!!!!!!! I loved this jacket until i got to over head, If you are not careful how you hold your arms you will get burns on the arm pit of the jacket because the black leather doesnt go all the way into the armpit. My first 2 passes at over head in class and the whole armpit of the jacket was riddled with burn marks.

I bought this jacket to stop burning myself and here i am looking for another jacket. I weld 5 days a week, 10 Hour Days.

I bought this jacket because some of the guys at work have them and i tell you what , they got Lucky with theirs I haven't had mine a week and 2 of the lower buttons have came through the blue material. Miller said it will be replaced under warranty and thats fine I'm just going to use it for recreational welding it is not the jacket for the type of welding I Do.

Cons Blue material too cheaply made, snaps pull through material. They make a great jacket and I highly recommend them!

Nobody does it better! I needed four very specific jackets that were slightly different from the Clothoo's blank jackets. After reaching out to the team I was able to get a custom color and jacket style created all still at a reasonable price. My embroidery design came out perfect and the jackets are even better than I expected!

Fits true to size and I would highly recommend this company. Clothoo certainly does live up to the many five star reviews they get for their products. I was surprised to see my Jacket for the first time via e-mail, and was thrilled to see my logo stitched on the jacket precisely. I'll definitely recommend Clothoo to friends and family in search of custom outerwear apparel. My daughter has been after a varsity jacket for over a year now, and as we live in the UK they are not something that are readily available in many if any stores and those that are are of quite dubious quality to say he least.

I found Clothoo's site and was impressed by the fact that you can design your own jacket and after reading many reviews I ordered a jacket. I initially ordered a wool jacket but I received an email from Waseem saying the colours and style I wanted where only available in fleece. We emailed back and forth a few times and finally arrived at the colours and personalised detailing that I wanted. The jacket was shipped out and I received it 5 days later!!!!

The quality of the jacket and materials are outstanding and far exceeded what I was expecting - truly awesome. In conclusion if anyone is wanting a jacket from Clothoo I wouldn't hesitate , you won't be disapointed. More LOVE the flexibility to get patches and sewing completed on the spot and the custom design fit my body perfectly! I was a little worried at first ordering a custom jacket from a company over seas, but it was perfect.

Created and shipped way faster than I thought it would. It's really warm, and it's high quality. The embroidery is absolutely beautiful.

This was an amazing experience! Finally they said they could! I sent artwork and measurements and we measured three times to make sure it fit. Every message had an update with the art and measurements to make sure we were on the same page. Shipping was fast as well. Embroidery Guide How to Design Blog.


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