How to Start an Online Clothing Store | 10 Steps to Success

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Differio is one of the few online clothing shopping sites that aims to be different with mens streetwear. Most online mens clothing stores offer limited styles in traditional cuts, colors and patterns.
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When learning how to start an online clothing store, you’ll need to learn the ins and outs of operating in the clothing business in an efficient, straightforward way. FounderU, and other online resources, are loaded with “How To” articles, so make use of the resources available to you.
Decide which plan is best for you


Differio is one of the few online clothing shopping sites that aims to be different with mens streetwear. Most online mens clothing stores offer limited styles in traditional cuts, colors and patterns.

Jackets and Coats shop now. All Shoes shop now. Tommy Hilfiger shop now. Calvin Klein shop now. Steve Madden shop now. All Backpacks shop now. Tommy Jeans shop now. Sale All Sale Boys Girls. Online Fashion Now About Sivvi. Your session has expired Your session has expired. In the URL for this page www. To purchase a domain name, you can either go directly through your online store builder, or you can purchase your own through companies such as GoDaddy or Namecheap.

Wondering which option is best? Buying a domain name through your online store builder may be easier in the short run, however if you ever leave that builder e. Purchasing it through a third party may take slightly longer in the short term but is much more versatile in the long run.

If you would like more information, take a look at our guide dedicated to domain names. First think of a company name and your domain name will evolve naturally from there.

Try and think of something catchy, not too long or wordy and nothing too similar to an existing major brand. Try and name your company something that reflects your products or the ethos of your brand. It enables you to create the storefront that you dreamed about so you can really hit the ground running with your customer.

Your template determines the look and feel of your online store, so making the right decision is important. Not sure which template to use? We recommend testing out a few first before making a definitive choice.

Try and have your customer in mind when choosing your template. Once you have your customer in mind, choosing your template will be much easier. Put yourself in their shoes, think about what they would want to see from your online clothing store and try to replicate that as much as possible with your template choice. Most online store builders have an impressive offering regarding the templates they offer related to clothing and fashion.

While only 5 of these may be free, you have to consider that purchasing a template is a one time investment that you will reap the benefits from for years to come — just like a sturdy pair of boots! They have more than fully-customizable templates and their designs are always up-to-date with the latest trends.

To really personalize your online clothing store, you need to customize your template. We changed the background color and the font and size of the text — all in a matter of minutes! In fact, being able to stay true to your initial vision is one of the main reasons why we fell in love with building our own websites in the first place!

Try and get into their mindset and design your online clothing store accordingly. Nowadays, more internet searches are performed on mobile devices rather than the traditional desktop. So having an online clothing store that looks good on mobile is a must. Most builders make it very simple to preview the look of your store on devices other than a desktop. Customizing your template is your chance to optimize your store for your customers so you can increase your all-important bottom line! While your homepage functions as the digital equivalent to your brick and mortar storefront, your product pages are the online version of the shop floor.

If you make them too busy then you may give people choice paralysis. You need to ensure that customers can find what they need quickly and easily. Anything else is bad design! When thinking about how best to showcase your products, we recommend asking yourself: Who do my customers currently buy from? Then research these stores by looking at how they show off their products, how they entice customers and how they encourage them to make a purchase.

Think of it like seeing someone on the street wearing a really great outfit. Ecommerce Product Page Design Part 1 — the first half of our guide to designing a winning product page. Ecommerce Product Page Design Part 2 — the second half! How to add products on Shopify. How to add products on Wix. How to add products on Bigcommerce. In order to start making money selling clothes online, you will need to connect a payment processor to your store.

Payment processors are services that allow you to take credit card payments from your customers. Both Wix and Bigcommerce also support a wide range of payment options for you to choose from. Setting this up is a simple few clicks away. If you get stuck setting up a payment processor, most online store builders have impressive support centers or forums where you can find all the information you need.

We recommend running a test order when setting up payments. This allows you to get a feel for how your customers will progress through the checkout stage so that you can make any changes and improvements. An easier checkout means more sales and higher profits! Selling clothes online is a competitive undertaking.

In order to attract customers to your online clothing store and away from the competition , you will have to get found on search engines. This means that you need to think about optimizing your store for search engines. Your page title is the blue link you see in the search results and the meta description is the text underneath it that gives you an insight into what that page is about.

Keywords are what people search for to arrive at your online clothing store. They are terms that are related to what is on your online store.

To show Google that your store is relevant to those keywords, you will need to use them in your page title and meta description. This will help your store to appear in more search results. It also has the added benefit of helping your customers navigate quickly and easily around your store. This is because it is not tailored to this specific search term as it is more of a general page not specifically about blue denim jackets.

A logical site structure improves visibility to Google, which means more traffic to your site and ultimately more profits. To do this make sure your pages link to one another, for example have a link back to your home page from your product pages.

This not only makes Google happy, but will keep your customer happy too as they can easily navigate around your store. And we all know the saying: But take a step back for a second, you need to preview and test it first. More importantly, you need to make sure that everything works seamlessly to ensure a good user experience so that you sell as many clothes as possible.

We recommend you ask a friend or family member to help you preview your store, as after building it and staring at it for so long, you may have missed some silly little mistakes. Getting your store up and running is the first step, but in order to make sure you start and continue selling clothes online, you will need to market your store. We recommend marketing your online clothing store on social media. This is a free and easy method of getting your brand name out into the world.

You could simply give your customers the chance to like your business on Facebook or to follow you on Twitter which means they can keep up with all brand updates, industry news you might share and any upcoming deals.

This also helps you grow your brand and build up trust with your customers. Imagine showcasing your Instagram feed on your store, what a great way to give real life examples of your clothing line and give your customers more reasons to make a purchase! Shopify, Wix, Bigcommerce and Weebly all have extensive App Markets that allow you to extend the functionality of your online store, such as through the integration of social platforms.

Online stores in particular can make good use of email marketing apps and plugins. You can send updates and promotions that will help you drive more sales. Another marketing method you could think about is blogging. Most builders allow you to add a blog to your online store very easily. You can publish thought leadership pieces, really display brand personality and build a loyal following.

Blogs can really create a trusted brand name and help to boost your sales through repeat business. Blog content is also a great thing to share on social media or to promote via email marketing — it all ties in together!

This helps to truly establish your brand as a legitimate, trustworthy contender in the ecommerce retail space. With these easy, effective and inexpensive marketing methods, your online clothing store will be making big bucks in no time at all.

Their store is powered by Shopify, through which they sell 15 different types of clothing, from caps to sweatshirts and bags to trainers. Their products come from 35 brands and they now ship those products worldwide.

Beacha Swimawear is a company founded by a team of three who decided to design swimwear that suited a particular niche in the market — making comfortable and attractive swimsuits for all body types. Their success just goes to show that there is space for everything online — no matter how niche an idea is!

They power their online clothing store with Wix where they are able to showcase a catalog of around 50 products and host video content. Their store is elegantly presented reflecting the elegance of their swimwear and has clear call-to-actions to encourage purchase, making for a good user experience that converts! Daisy Del Sol is an online vintage and contemporary clothing store. Their store is powered by Bigcommerce. They started out selling vintage clothing and later expanded to a more contemporary range, an expansion made possible by their online store builder.

Bigcommerce allows stores to host a large number of products on their sites making them an excellent choice of builder for stores thinking about expanding in the future. Start your online clothing store today by signing up to one of these free trials:. To continue developing your clothing store and to really maximize your success, sign up to our newsletter using the form below.

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Creating an online store is the good efforts of making your own online identity. Thanks for sharing great information about Online Clothing Store. It is really a nice.! I am happy for this writing, i have widened my knowledge a bit. I was searching on how i can start an online shop like Jumia or Amazon.

Can this online clothing store be the same as Amazon? May be i am confusing the two but even what is contained in your article have made me understand many tips of this business idea.

The challenge I face is where to get a competent IT expert to help me at a reasonable cost. This is a very good blog on how to start an online clothing store.

I would like to thank you for all the information you give. So thanks for sharing this information. This tips helped me a lot when I was finalized a business plan at that time we were looking for some good and easy site builder which will be easy to edit later. After considering all business requirement I finally designed my site.

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